Biker Earplugs

Biker Earplugs

Hearing Protection for Motor Races

Alpine MotoSafe gehö

Here you can find hearing protection for motor-cyclists.

Taking off your helmet and your ears are still ringing after an extended tour, you know that your hearing had to endure too much.

Bikers should always wear hearing protection.

Biker hearing protection make great demands to the material. On one hand you still want to hear warning sounds and the engine, on the other hand your hearing has to be protected against wind and too loud engine noises. Our motor-cyclist hearing protection meets those demands. writes: Riders of motorcycles or high-performance scooters should wear hearing protection under their helmet: Traffic noise can lead to considerable liability and long-lasting damage to your hearing.

The table shows the maximum exposure time at a speed between 100 and 140 km/h.

Speed Windnoice max. Exposure Time
100 km/h 94 dB 15 min
120 km/h 98 dB 7 min
140 km/h 102 dB 3 min


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