Work Earplugs

Work Earplugs

Earprotection for workers

Industry HearingProtection

Welcome to our Platform for Commercial Hearing Protection.

Wearing hearing protection at your workplace is your duty.

The European Union has the following standards:

-Workplaces with a noise level above 80dB(A) have to provide their employees with hearing protection.

-Workplaces with a noise level above 85dB(A) are required to make sure the hearing protection is used.

Here you can find the complete EU Directive (Noise).

For interested safety administrators: employers mutual insurance association’s rules for safety and health at work „Use of Hearing Protection" and "Hearing Protection Information".

In detail we offer you 4 categories of hearing protection:

Ear Muffs (Mickey Mouse)

Earplugs in dispenser

Electronic/Active Hearing Protection

Custom-made ear plugs (more information for Individual Hearing Protection here)

Industry EarProtection

Here you can find Ear Muffs, Dispenser, and Active Hearing Protection from the following manufacturers: EAR, Moldex, Peltor and Bilsom.

* Mehr Informationen zur den Versandkosten: excl.

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