Filter Earplugs - Alpine MotoSafe

Filter Earplugs - Alpine MotoSafe
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Alpine MotoSafe

Why Alpine MotoSafe hearing protection?

Wind, tire and engine noise with increasing speed become a real risk to the hearing of the motorcyclist.

If no suitable hearing protection is worn, the auditory experiences is comparable to disco or jackhammer noise.

Don´t let the pleasent ride harm your precious hearing.

Comfort: The Alpine MotoSafe is called the 'standard earmold'. The MotoSafe consists of two standard hearing protectors and two pairs of filters, which are specially adapted to the acoustic conditions in motorsport.

Traffic-Filter: The MotoSafe-Set contains two pairs of special filters for different noise. The filter pairs can be changed easily with a handle.

Open system: The open channels in the Earplug filter provide a sufficient attenuation of wind noise, while the communication is still possible. You hear still your engine, the traffic and your conversation partner. With MotoSafe hearing you have no feeling of isolation.

Alpine Motosafe1 Alpine Motosafe3
Alpine Motosafe2 Alpine Motosafe4

The Super MotoSafe-Set: The Alpine MotoSafe Hearing-Protection Set includes: 1 Elastic Case, 2 standard earmolds, 2 pairs of Alpine Traffic-Filter, one setting assistent.

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