Alpine MusicSafe Pro

Alpine MusicSafe Pro
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Alpine Gehörschutz

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro has been developed for musicians and fits perfect as a standard hearing protectors.

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro set includes three different replaceable filters.

Thermoelastic plastics: The Earplugs are made of a solid, soft, flexible plastic material. The body heat makes the earplugs fit within a few minutes in the ear canal and still is very comfortable to wear after hours.

The 3 filters of the Alpine MusicSafe Pro:

White Filter Alpine Filter1 Suitable for samples and situations where it is particularly important to the fidelity.
Silver Filter Alpine Filter2 Suitable for concerts and clubbing nights. Super sound and super protection.
Gold Filter Alpine Filter3 Then suitable when it comes to highest protection.












Here, the insulation values in detail: :

  Hz 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
White dB 10,2 11,2 14,3 17,9 24,0 23,4 18,0
Silver dB 14,8 15,0 15,7 18,7 26,6 24,4 18,9
Gold dB 18,8 15,6 16,0 18,5 27,7 23,9 22,0

Open system: The Alpine MusicSafe never close the earcanal complete. That means the ear canal is pressurized and there is no over-or under-pressure induced by a feeling of pressure.

Alpine MusiSafe
Apline Music Safe Pro
MusiSafe Set

The complete set: The MusicSafe Pro Set includes: two standard hearing protection earmolds plus an extra otoplatic as a spare,3 pairs of acoustic filters, a storage case and a set support.

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro are available in two different colors. MusicSafe MusicSafe White and Silver. Please select your preferred color below. 

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