Peltor LITE COM III - Headset

Peltor LITE COM III - Headset

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* Has a built-in active-volume function that lets you hear ambient sound: conversation, machine sounds and warning signals

* Weak sounds can even be amplified, so you hear them better than you would without hearing protectors

* Sudden impulse noises at harmful levels are immediately attenuated
* The right shell has a control panel with a large LCD a display that shows your current settings

* An electronic voice tells you what settings you are adjusting, so you do not have to take off the headset to check

* Unused, the set automatically switches off after two hours to save the batteries

* An auxiliary input lets you connect a cellular phone or external com radio, regardless of the frequency

* For safety reasons, the external system has signal priority

* You can also connect a CD player or FM radio and listen to news and music

SNR 31dB

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