Earbags® earmuffs

Earbags® earmuffs


Earbags Bunt

Protect your ears from cold with earbags

In icy cold temperatures than the first ears. This is not only unpleasant but can also lead to colds and ear infections.

Caps crush the hair and often cover their ears off at all. Similarly with headbands.

Our ear muffs Earbags however warm the ears reliable, your hair can be in peace and are also still fashionable all the rage.

The Gehoerschutz-Versand offers a huge variety of different Earbags.

Monochrome Earbags, Earbags with embroidery, Earbags for children with cord and Earbags camouflage for hunting.

Earbags Ohrenwärmer einfarbig Earbags Ohrenwärmer Muster
earbags anleitung1 earbags anleitung2

EARBAGS be installed easily in 2 steps. [Video Guide]

1st Expand

2nd Fold back and put on the ear

Earbags are available in 3 different sizes.

How to find the right size [instruction] to measure.

From 30, - EUR value of goods shipment is free.

See Earbags but equally for your family and friends with ..


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