Earcandles - pure Wellness

General effect of earcandles

The ear candles have a purely physical as heat treatment
Pressure compensation for the ear and head region. The focal length of a
Ear candle is about 7 minutes.


Heating effect

When burning the candleheat reaches the ear
resulting infrared radiation to the inner ear. This
become a relaxing and soothing effect of heat
in the ears, head and neck.

Gentle massage

The flame of the ear candles generated by their
Motion vibration waves, as a gentle massage of the
Tympanic membrane are perceived. The increased
Air molecules in motion gives a spreading
Sensation of warmth.

Suction (chimney effect)

The burning of the ear candle causes a
Negative pressure inside the ear, the pleasant one
that facilitate pressure equalization in the ear and head, lead
can. The newly developed membrane supports and AZTECA
promotes this effect during the entire burn time.

Notice: Our earcandles are wellness-products. Please do not try to cure ear deseases. (Please cosult your ENT-Doc in this case).

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