Mutt Muffs® doggyearmuffs

Mutt Muffs® doggyearmuffs

Hearing protection for dogs


There it finally is. A hearing protection for dogs.

Maybe you´ve search the whole net you haven´t found anything like it. The "" is pleased to present you the MuttMuffs.
Hearing Protection specially made for dogs. They often suffer under a very loud environment a are not really able to communicate their pain.
Addiotionally they have a very sensitive hearing. Times of suffering are over now. With Mutt Muffs you are able to protect the hearing of your canine efficiently.

muttmuffs1 hearing protection for dogs

Mutt Muffs fit for all noicy situations.

For example transports. Loud engine and wind noices harm the ears of your dog. Many Airlines use Mutt Muffs.
Like you can see Mutt Muffs fit for all kinds of transports. In the air, on the water and on the ground.


Mutt Muffs are already part of the equpment of the US Army the Swedish Army, the US and Canadian Mountain rescue and many US police departments. While wearing Mutt Muffs, dogs can be trained more efficiently. The hearing is not harmed and the dog can do more missions without communication problems due to deafness.
Mutt Muffs are perfect for shooting ranges.


Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms. One cause for this fear is loud thundernoice. Even in terrible thunderstorms Mutt Muffs help your dog to calm down and relax.

Mutt Muffs come in 5 different sizes, so every dog is able to wear them. YOu can chosse bewteen 4 different colours.



PD Dr. A. Fischer

Associate Professor Dr. A. Fischer conducts the department of neurology at the veterinary faculty of Munich University. She is Diplomate ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Neurology) and Diplomate ECVN. (European College of Veterinary Neurology).

Dogs have to rely on their hearing in nature, in urban traffic, and for a communication with their owners. Long-term noise or high intensity noise can harm the dog's hearing just as it harms human hearing. For this reason, every action that reduces the impact on the dog's hearing is to be embraced.
The hearing protection for dogs (mutt muffs) is effective, stands out with high wearing comfort and is easy to fit to different head sizes and head shapes of all dog breeds.
My impression is that, especially under the influence of noise, the dogs really like to wear them; they seem less stressed and the suffering under the loud noise is definitely decreased.


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