custom made earplugs

custom made earplugs

Your personal earprotection

What is custom hearing protection?

Among individual hearing protectors referred to or adapted (including ear molds) is defined as hearing protection products that are printed by means of the external ear canal and adapted exactly to the carrier.

The advantages are:

✓ Optimal comfort

✓ Precise determination of the acoustic insulation by means of selective filtering

✓ Ventilation of the ear canal (no occlusion)

✓ No overprotection (good communication in noise)


This video shows an Impression taken in 5 minutes.

What applications are adapted for custom hearing protection?


Industry Musicians Sleeping
Otoplastiken Industrie Angepasster Gehörschutz Musik Individueller Gehörschutz
Military - Police Forces Shooters Hunting
Otoplastik Elektronisch Gehörschutz Schiessen Fox Ear Hörschutz



How do I get custom hearing protection?

Private: If you order a custom hearing protection with us, you automatically receive a voucher for one impression at an audiologist sent in your area. This will take impressions of your ears. Please send them to us. After 10 days you will receive your fully individual hearing protection.

Industry: Please inform yourself about our on-site service.

More information about customized hearing protection is available in our sub-categories:


On-site service costs amortization lifespan material hard or soft


Manufacturers of individually adapted ear, in addition to our own laboratory. Phonak Communicaion, Elacin and Alpine.

* Mehr Informationen zur den Versandkosten: excl.

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