Explantion SNR/ Attenuation value

Brief explanation of the concept of attenuation value / SNR. SNR is the abbreviation for "Single Number Rating" and means simple attenuation value. In the United States the abbrevation NNR ist used which means pretty much the same.

The attenuations value, thus reducing the noise level is specified in dB (decibels). He describes the difference between the volume before and behind the ear hearing protection, before the eardrum. For example, in an operation exists a volume level of 95 dB. The attenuation value of hearing protectors is 25 dB. So the eardrum of the employee reaches 70dB (95dB-25dB = 70dB). 70 dB in a period of 8 hours is totally harmless.

Light to moderate attenuation attenuation value SNR below 20 dB. Communication remains intact. E.g. Alpine MusicSafe, Mack's Hearplugs, Alpine PartyPlug, Earplanes
Medium to strong attenuation attenuation value SNR between 20 dB and 30 dB Communication possible in part. E.g. Bilsom Clarity C1, Peltor Optime 1, Peltor Optime 2, Peltor H34A, Ohropax Classic, Soft earplugs, Mack's Pillows, EAR Classic
Extreme attenuation value SNR of 30 dB Voices are lowered maximum. E.g. Moldex M1, M2 Moldex, Peltor Optime 3, Hearos Xtreme Protection, Bilsom 303, Moldex 7800 nd 7700, 3M 1120, Sleep pretty in pink, Mack's For Her, Dr. Doug,


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