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Hearing protection by Sanohra

Innosan GmbH from Schwetzingen develops and produces various Sanohra hearing protection products for everyday use. Their Sanohra product line focuses on different areas of application.

The Sanohra fly earplugs have been specially developed for flying. Passengers often complain of earaches when flying due to the pressure equalisation in the aircraft. Thanks to the patented pressure reducer of the Sanohra fly earplugs, this ear pain when flying is effectively prevented. Sanohra fly earplugs are also available in an adult version and a version for children.

Water can quickly enter the external auditory canal when swimming, diving or taking a shower. This is not only unpleasant but can also lead to permanent hearing damage. For example, middle ear infection can quickly develop. Sanohra's waterproof swim earplugs reliably protect your ears when swimming or diving. These earplugs are also available from us for both adults and children.