The next generation of hearing protection...


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The next generation of hearing protection

ISOtunes is a family-owned manufacturer specializing in hearing protection with enhanced audio and communication technology. As a global industry leader, ISOtunes promises safe and innovative products for those who work in noisy environments or need hearing protection for hobbies and recreation. ISOtunes earplugs and earmuffs allow you to hear what you want, when you want, regardless of your surroundings, even in the harshest conditions. As part of the ISOtunes Experience, customers are guaranteed the highest quality, technology and customer service in every interaction with the brand.

Noise Isolation

ISOtunes products are classified as noise isolating. Noise isolation occurs when the earplugs are properly inserted into the ear. The earplugs act as a physical barrier, essentially isolating the ears from ambient noise. ISOtunes are not designed to eliminate 100 % of noise, but to isolate harmful sounds while allowing awareness of the surrounding environment.

Certified quality

To ensure that each ISOtunes hearing protector complies with European regulations on noise control in the workplace, all products must meet the European standards of the EN 352 series. After undergoing rigorous testing, each ISOtunes hearing protector is assigned an SNR (Single Number Rating) value for average noise attenuation. In addition, our products receive certification for high, mid and low frequency (HML) attenuation and a full octave band analysis chart. Safety is our top priority, and our certified attenuation ratings allow each customer to find the right product for their needs.

Hearing protection with Bluetooth

ISOtunes uses the latest Bluetooth® technology to maximize the hearing protection experience. Our wireless products seamlessly connect to all your favorite devices if they support Bluetooth, so your hearing is protected at all times and you still stay connected. With a Bluetooth range of over 9 meters, you can stream music, answer calls, connect up to two devices simultaneously, and use Google Voice and Siri.

SafeMax™ Technology

ISOtunes is committed to your personal safety first and foremost. That is why we have equipped all our products with SafeMax™ technology. SafeMax™ technology ensures that our products do not damage hearing, even when used at maximum volume. According to the EN 352 standard, our products are limited to a volume of 79 dB.

TRILOGY™ earplugs

We have developed our unique noise isolating earplugs to provide superior comfort, noise reduction and sound quality. The TRILOGY™ foam earplugs are available in a variety of sizes and offer a custom fit for optimal protection. These earplugs can be easily cleaned, but are designed to wear out over time so you know when to replace them. If cleanliness and safety are your top priorities, we recommend replacing your TRILOGY™ foam earplugs every 1-3 months (depending on frequency of use).

IP classification

We know that your work is often done in tough conditions. That's why we've designed our ISOtunes products to withstand even the harshest conditions. All ISOtunes products have an IP (Internal Protection) rating, which classifies our hearing protectors according to their ability to protect against foreign objects such as dust (first digit) and liquids such as water (second digit).

First digit

  1. Protection against large solid foreign bodies (diameter ≥ 50 mm)
  2. Protection against medium solid foreign bodies (diameter ≥ 12 mm)
  3. Protection against small solid foreign bodies (diameter ≥ 2.5 mm)
  4. Protection against granular foreign bodies (diameter ≥ 1 mm)
  5. Protection against dust in harmful quantity (dust protected)
  6. Full protection against dust ingress (dustproof)

Second digit

  1. Protection against vertically falling dripping water
  2. Protection against dripping water falling obliquely (up to 15°)
  3. Protection against water spray up to 60° against the vertical
  4. Protection against splashing water from all sides
  5. Protection against water jets (nozzle) from any angle
  6. Protection against strong jets of water
  7. Protection against temporary submersion (up to 1 meter depth and 30 minutes)
  8. Protection from continuous submersion

ISOtunes Hearing Protection with Bluetooth

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