Hearing protection for leisure and pleasure

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2018-01-26 10:41:00 / Hearing protection news
Hearing protection for leisure and pleasure - Hearing protection for leisure and pleasure

Spring and summer in particular entice with leisure activities that have it all: Concerts, open airs, swimming, surfing, diving, convertible cars and motorbikes. Our leisure time fun is just as varied as the range of hearing protection on offer. For every kind of fun, there is a suitable measure to efficiently protect your hearing.

Hearing protection for bikers and events

Even when riding motorbikes and convertibles, horsepower enthusiasts rely on earplugs to protect their ears not only from draughts and the elements, but also from traffic noise. Special earplugs can be wonderfully combined with the wearing of motorbike helmets. Individually fitted hearing protection fits particularly well under the helmet.

Especially at concerts, events in bars and clubs or open airs, ears are exposed to a loud background noise. If you want to avoid ringing and ringing in your ears, you need to protect them. For many professional musicians, wearing earmoulds is a matter of course. It should be the same for all dance enthusiasts and night owls.

Hearing protection on and in the water

Individually fitted hearing protection also protects the ears in water sports. Water in the ear and splashes of water can lead to painful infections. Hearing protection prevents this: once fitted, earmoulds offer sufficient protection against wind and water. Whether sailing, diving, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, scuba diving or snorkelling.

On the high seas, wind, water and cold can take their toll on the ears. The tricky thing is that the ear doesn't feel anything in the immediate moment. It's like sunburn. It only hurts afterwards. Ear protection, like sunscreen, has a preventive effect.

Individually fitted hearing protection scores points for high wearing comfort. Once in the ear, many wearers forget about earmoulds. Because they fit perfectly to individual features of the ear.

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