Hearing protection for noise workers in industry and trade

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2018-01-26 10:38:00 / Hearing protection news
Hearing protection for noise workers in industry and trade - Hearing protection for noise workers in industry and trade

Take responsibility now and protect hearing health. Individually fitted hearing protection for workers in industry and trade protects the environment and resources. Individually fitted, the hearing protection offers an absolutely high level of wearing comfort. The attenuation is perfectly tailored to the hearing ability and workplace of the noise worker. Nevertheless, understanding, communication and hearing acoustic warning signals are still possible.

Hearing is one of our greatest treasures. Customised hearing protection provides comprehensive workplace safety. Healthy hearing means healthy employees. Occupational hearing loss repeatedly appears at the top of the statistics for occupational diseases recorded throughout Germany.

Occupational disease number 1: Occupational hearing loss

A loud background noise promotes stress and burnout. The sense of balance is also located in the ear. The so-called vestibular system in the inner ear is responsible for balance and posture, movement and position of the body in space. Dysfunctions lead to dizzy spells. Often, those affected can no longer keep on their feet.

In almost every industry, there are noisy workplaces with high noise levels where hearing protection is required by law: In the food industry, automotive industry, agricultural technology, mechanical engineering, dental industry via craft workshops such as carpentry, metalworking companies, on construction sites, in the forest or even in open-plan offices. We offer the right hearing protection solution for every industry and every workplace.

The amazing thing: Often, individually fitted hearing protection is, in perspective, cheaper than a disposable system with earplugs. High-quality in material and workmanship, our hearing protection has a long service life.

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