What to do about water in the ear?

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2018-04-25 10:51:00 / Hearing protection news
What to do about water in the ear? - What to do about water in the ear?

If water does get into the ear, it can be removed relatively easily in many cases with the following tips. First of all: If possible, avoid hitting your own ear or the ear of others. Children in particular should be careful, as this can damage the eardrum in extreme cases.

Small drops of water can often be carefully removed from the ear canal with a clean paper handkerchief. Although these small amounts of water are not usually associated with major discomfort, they can still irritate small children or sensitive people. Be careful not to use too much force so as not to damage the delicate inner workings of the ear.

If you spin yourself or your head quickly in a circle, you can often use the centrifugal force created on the water to fling it out of the ear. This uses the principle of the centrifuge, which is also frequently used in industry and research.

With the right earplugs, the penetration of water into the ear canal can be largely avoided during swimming. This saves the unpleasant feeling and health risks such as infection or irritation. The best-known infectious disease that can be caused by water in the ear is certainly otitis media.

In case of medical problems, you should of course always consult your doctor before deciding for or against a certain solution from this area. This applies, for example, if a child has had so-called tympanostomy tubes inserted as part of a medical treatment. Many doctors recommend avoiding contact with water completely for a while. However, this always depends on the individual case, so that we cannot or must not give a clear recommendation here. Therefore, once again: For medical recommendations, especially for children, please contact the doctor in charge. As a rule, he or she can best respond to the patient's individual circumstances.

Conclusion: With the right water protection for the ears, inflammations and the unpleasant feeling that water often causes in the ear can be effectively prevented. Children in particular can benefit from this, although parents should help with inserting the earplugs. Then nothing will stand in the way of carefree fun or sporting activities in the cool water.

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