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Explore our webpage and find the hearing protection that suits your needs. If you are looking for earplugs for hunters, musicians, against snoring or for your disco visit, we have it. We are also offering hearing protection especially for your child.

Under „Type” you can look for hearing protection sorted by their type e.g. earplugs, earmuffs or active hearing protection.

Follow our advice for various noise situations under „Use” and find the hearing protection that fits your needs like motorcycling, sport shooting, industrial work or concerts.

In addition to our earplugs/earmuffs we also offer ear bags (warmers), noise limited in-ear-headphones and hearing protection for dogs.

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To prevent tinnitus or hardness of hearing using the right kind of hearing protection in diverse noise situations is inevitable. Gehörschutz-Versand offers you qualified and professional advice.

Gehörschutz-Versand stands out with a large assortment of premium earplugs and earmuffs. Our delivery is fast and reliable. To protect the environment we installed a way of delivery that is almost entirely CO² neutral.

Gehörschutz-Versand does not only offer you the classic earplugs and earmuffs out of foam but also, for example, hearing protection with radio, earplugs with your logo, specialized earplugs for motorcyclists, and protection from wind and cold with our ear bags.

We are proud to work together with well-known producers:
3M, Aearo, Alpine, EAR, Earbags, Mack's, Mepablu, Moldex, Ohropax, Peltor, Proears, Ultimate Ears und Surefire.

Look out for our most popular products:
Alpine MusicSafe, Alpine SleepSoft, Ear Classic 2, Ohropax Classic, Earbags schwarz, EarPro EP4, Peltor SportTac, und Peltor Kid.
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