Cleaning agents for hearing protection

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Cleaning agent for the care of your hearing aids or hearing protectors

Regular cleaning and care of your hearing systems and hearing protection versions is crucial for the long life of your product. It also prevents infections and irritation of your auditory canals.

For the effective care and cleaning of your hearing protection you will find a large selection of different products and special hearing protection cleaning agents.

Our tried and tested cleaning products have been specially developed for the care and cleaning of hearing protection and hearing aids and have been extensively tested in their field of application. They comply with the EC directive 93/42/CE for medical products and can therefore be used without any concerns. The formulas and compositions of the products used ensure optimum skin compatibility and minimise the risk of allergic reactions.

For example, our Blower is ideal for manually blowing out channel and additional holes of the hearing aid or hearing protector. For storing and cleaning earmoulds, however, the Audinell cleaning can is the perfect choice. Of course we also offer complete care sets for hearing protection and hearing aids. So you are optimally equipped.

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