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Hearing protection for babies and infants up to 18 months

Babies and infants have very sensitive hearing that is still developing. If the child's hearing is not protected at a young age, there is a risk of noise-induced hearing loss at an early age. In this regard, noise exposure for babies and infants occurs in recreational settings and at home. Recreational activities that may put the child at risk of hearing loss include any with noise levels above 85 decibels (dB), such as: fireworks, live music and sports, shooting ranges, car racing, air shows and air travel, and many other noisy hobbies. Harmful noise at home can come from music, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and other power tools, but it can also already occur from a TV set too loud.

Ems for Kids offers hearing protection for the little ones

The Australian manufacturer Ems for Kids has set itself the goal of protecting the hearing of the youngest children in particular. With the Ems for Kids Baby Hearing Protection produced in the USA, the manufacturer offers a hearing protection especially for babies and infants from 0-18 months, which has an attenuation value of 27 dB (SNR) and a very good attenuation performance. The hearing protection has been tested by doctors and physicians and is also safe for newborns. Of course, the Ems for Kids Baby hearing protection also complies with the European standard EN 352-1 and bears the CE mark. To make the hearing protection absolutely safe for the little ones, the hearing protection is free of phthalates (plasticizers).

Where can the Ems for Kids Baby hearing protection be used?

Ems for Kids Baby Hearing Protectors can be used anywhere at home, during leisure time and also in hospitals (e.g. MRI). Common uses include:

  • Hobbies: fireworks, live sports, airplane/helicopter flights, shooting range, motor sports, live music, movies, air shows and many other noisy hobbies
  • At home: music, lawn mower, blender, food processor, vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, many other power tools
  • Special needs: occupational therapy, noise sensitivity, audiology, hospitals (MRI safe)

Ems for Kids Hearing Protection for Babies and Infants

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