Hearing protection against environmental noise

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Protect your hearing from loud ambient noise

Hearing protection against environmental noise

Environmental noise is encountered in various situations in everyday life. Especially for people with sensitive hearing, this daily exposure to noise can have a negative effect on health. The easiest way to protect your hearing from environmental noise is to wear hearing protection.

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Why is it important to wear hearing protection against environmental noise?

People living in large cities, or those who live near the motorway or an airport, often have problems with traffic noise. This often leads to sleep problems and, as a result, poor concentration, increased stress and other health problems. But it is not only at home, but also in many working areas that there is often high noise pollution. Whether in industry, on a construction site or in open-plan offices, the loud ambient noise can cause permanent hearing damage. You should therefore make sure that you use the right hearing protection even in everyday life with loud ambient noise.

What hearing damage can be caused by environmental noise?

If the ambient noise causes sleep problems in the long term, the lack of sleep can also have a negative effect on the physical level. The consequences can be headaches, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure, susceptibility to infections, but the lack of sleep also has psychological effects such as a drop in concentration, increased irritability, sensitivity and susceptibility to stress. However, high and permanent noise exposure in everyday working life can also cause hearing damage, for example through hearing loss.

Which hearing protection is suitable against environmental noise?

Small earplugs are ideal for protecting yourself against environmental noise, such as loud traffic noise, while sleeping. These are also comfortable to wear when sleeping. All in all, the earplugs are not conspicuous in everyday life and are suitable for various purposes. Earplugs are particularly suitable for children who cannot concentrate while doing their homework because of loud ambient noise. We offer various types of capsule protection that have been specially developed for children.

How does hearing protection against environmental noise work?

Earplugs against environmental noise are available in various shapes and colours. Many earplugs are also equipped with special acoustic filters. The filter in the hearing protection only allows certain high frequencies to be attenuated, so that speech can still be heard. This means that you are protected from the noise and can still talk without any problems despite the hearing protection. Earplugs with a simple design are usually not even noticed by the person opposite. The passive capsule ear protection, on the other hand, effectively dampens all noise, regardless of the noise level. As they are not equipped with any electronics, they are particularly light and therefore comfortable to wear, even for children. In addition, capsule ear protection is usually adjustable and can therefore be adapted to individual needs.

Where can I buy hearing protection against ambient noise?

In our online shop you will find a large selection of hearing protection solutions that are optimally suited to protect against environmental noise. Our range includes various high-quality earplugs and ear muffs from different manufacturers. Custom-made hearing protection, which offers particularly high wearing comfort, can also be ordered from our shop.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection against environmental noise:

  • Otifleks
  • Crescendo
  • KiddyPlugs
  • Loop

What does hearing protection against environmental noise cost?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the hearing protection solution. Earplugs are available in our online shop, for example, from around 5 euros. Special capsule ear protection for children costs around 16 euros.

Our tip: If you regularly want to wear hearing protection against environmental noise, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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