Hearing protection for concerts, festivals, parties & clubs

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Protect your hearing at concerts, festivals or parties

Protect your hearing at concerts, festivals or parties

Loud music at festivals or parties can cause long-term hearing damage. That's why we offer earplugs with special filters that ensure a consistent and high-quality sound image so that your music experience does not suffer.

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Why should I wear hearing protection at concerts, festivals or parties?

The music and ambient noise at concerts, festivals or parties is often louder than 80 decibels, which is a dangerous level for your hearing. On the dance floors of clubs, sound levels can also be well over 100 decibels. In the long term, these volumes can cause acute damage to hearing. It is not for nothing that more and more musicians wear special earplugs during a concert. Regular concert or festival goers should therefore also protect their hearing from permanent hearing problems.

What kind of hearing damage can be caused by loud music?

If you are regularly exposed to music louder than 80 decibels over a long period of time, hearing damage can occur very quickly if you do not protect your ears properly. This can result in a permanent whistling noise due to tinnitus, for example. In the worst case, if the music is too loud, hair cells in the inner ear, which are necessary for our hearing ability among other things, can tear and cause irreparable hearing damage. The hair cells in the ear are irreplaceable once they are irreparably damaged.

Which hearing protection is suitable for concerts, festivals, parties and clubs?

Special earplugs are particularly suitable for events such as concerts and other live performances. These are usually inconspicuous and offer a pleasant wearing comfort. However, there are also earplugs with modern designs for festivals. As eye-catchers, they are definitely visually appealing. In addition, these hearing protectors are equipped with a special acoustic filter, which allows you to continue listening to music and its quality, but only at a much safer volume. With the hearing protectors you can also hear conversations clearly at the festival or concert, so you can easily talk to friends.

Which hearing protection is suitable for children at music events?

For children, suitable hearing protection is especially important at loud music events such as a concert. Children's hearing is very sensitive and should therefore be given the best possible protection, especially during their development. For children at loud live events, we particularly recommend capsule ear protection (earmuffs). This is because they offer maximum wearing comfort and reliable attenuation for the young concert goers.

How do earplugs with filters work?

In our shop you will find earplugs from various manufacturers, which are perfectly suited for use at concerts, festivals or parties thanks to a special acoustic filter. The Loop earplug, for example, is equipped with an innovative 20 dB acoustic filter, which considerably reduces and filters out loud music and noise. The earplug is also designed to mimic the length and natural resonance of the ear canal. This means that high-quality music can still be enjoyed clearly without damaging the eardrum. Thanks to their membrane filter, Senner MusicPro earplugs are also ideal for concerts, festivals and large events. The patented membrane filter reduces the dangerous volume and maintains the high quality of the music.

Where can I buy hearing protection for concerts, festivals, parties & clubs?

You can find hearing protection products for every event, whether it is a summer festival, live concert or the next club visit. Our wide range includes different types of hearing protection from different brands and manufacturers.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for concerts, festivals, parties & clubs:

  • Loop
  • Crescendo
  • Otifleks
  • Senner
  • Silenta Kid

How much does hearing protection cost for concerts, festivals, parties & clubs?

The cost of concert or festival hearing protection may vary depending on the type of hearing protection and manufacturer. High-quality earplugs with a special acoustic filter are available in our online shop at approx. 15 - 30 euros.

Our tip: If you attend concerts or festivals frequently, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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