Hearing protection for sports events

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Protect your hearing at sporting events

Protect your hearing at sporting events

Hear protection for children at public sporting events such as football stadiums is particularly recommended: Children have yet to develop their hearing, which is why hearing damage caused by high sound pressure has a particularly devastating effect on the development of natural hearing ability.

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Why is it important to wear hearing protection at sporting events?

In your favourite club's stadium or at a public viewing event, there is a unique atmosphere that captivates many football fans every weekend. Unfortunately, loudspeaker announcements, music, gas pressure fanfares, musical instruments brought along as well as, of course, joint shouts and chants of the fans are sometimes associated with a considerable volume. This can not only spoil the live enjoyment of the football match for noise-sensitive football fans, but also lead to hearing damage. Therefore, suitable hearing protection should always be available in the stadium.

What kind of hearing damage can be caused by noise at sporting events?

Stadiums are already designed for large events: Tens of thousands of fans regularly use their vocal cords in an average Bundesliga stadium. In addition, the fan community is often exposed to sound from a powerful stadium system. Pyrotechnics, drums and other instruments typical of a stadium are other potential sources of noise. Even though there is no regulation similar to that in the field of occupational health and safety that can prescribe the use of hearing protection in the stadium to fans, it is nevertheless highly recommended in view of the achieved noise levels of over 100 decibels at live sporting events. Otherwise, such intense sound pressure can quickly lead to serious hearing damage without earplugs. Anyone who regularly goes to the stadium or other public sporting events should therefore think about their ears in good time. Parents should also always keep an eye on the acoustic protection of their children. So, when the whole family goes out to watch a football match at the weekend, hearing protection for children is a must. As children's hearing is still developing, hearing damage caused by high sound pressure has a particularly devastating effect on the development of natural hearing ability. It can even lead to permanent hearing loss.

Which hearing protection is suitable for sports events?

Small earplugs are recommended for adults when attending noisy sporting events. Not only are they comfortable to wear and hardly noticeable, but they are also usually equipped with a special filter that allows them to continue to understand speech clearly. Conversations are therefore also possible without any problems when wearing ear protection. For children, on the other hand, suitable capsule ear protection that encloses the ears and shields them acoustically from the outside world is often the right choice. They should be firmly seated but not press down on the ears to ensure both a good damping effect and high wearing comfort. Even if you want to take your dog with you to an event, such as the next public viewing, you should make sure you use the right hearing protection. Because dogs' hearing is particularly sensitive and noise situations often cause stress in dogs, a special dog hearing protection has been developed. With MuttMuffs, you can protect your dog's hearing optimally and take away the stress and fear.

How does hearing protection work at sporting events?

Earplugs with a special filter allow you to continue to hear conversations as normal as possible. With earplugs that only attenuate the volume but do not distort the frequency spectrum, even stadium music can often still be enjoyed in good quality. It makes no difference whether a football match or a live concert is taking place there. Some earplugs can even be worn so concealed that they are hardly noticeable. This means that fashion aspects do not have to be completely ignored when choosing hearing protection, even though they should not play a major role. Above all, earplugs must prove their worth in noisy environments. Washable material also provides the necessary conditions for adequate hygiene in the case of reusable products.

Where can I buy hearing protection for sports events?

You can find hearing protection products for sporting events from various manufacturers and brands. Our wide range includes different hearing protection solutions for children and adults.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for sporting events:

  • Crescendo
  • KiddyPlugs
  • Em's for Kids
  • Loop
  • MuttMuffs
  • Otifleks

How much does hearing protection for sports events cost?

The cost of hearing protection for sporting events can vary depending on the type of hearing protection and manufacturer. For example, earplugs for the stadium are usually available in our shop from around 20 euros.

Our tip: If you frequently attend sporting events, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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