Hearing protection for motorcyclists

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Protect your hearing from loud engines when riding a motorbike

Hearing protection when riding a motorbike

To prevent long-term hearing damage, it is also important to use suitable hearing protection when riding a motorbike. Reusable hearing protection with a special frequency filter is the right choice here. These can also be worn comfortably under a motorbike helmet.

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Why is it important to wear hearing protection when riding a motorbike?

Motorcyclists like it loud: In addition to petrol vapour and a lot of horsepower, rattling engines are commonplace for many two-wheelers. However, it is not only the noise exposure from traffic noise that can have a long-term negative effect on hearing; in particular the wind noise when riding a motorbike can cause long-term hearing damage. It is therefore important to remember to wear suitable hearing protection when riding a motorbike.

What kind of hearing damage can occur when riding a motorbike?

If you take off your helmet after riding a motorbike and your ears are still buzzing or screeching, you know that the strain on your ears is clearly too great. Not only because of the traffic noise, but especially because of the wind noise, the acoustic stress when riding a motorbike is extremely high. Even at relatively low speeds, the wind is loud enough to cause long-term hearing damage. For example, you may hear less well, hear a constant beeping sound (tinnitus), become permanently hypersensitive to certain sounds (hyperacusis) or even hear sounds with both ears differently (diplacusis). Motorcyclists should therefore always wear the correct hearing protection in addition to their motorbike helmet.

Is hearing protection allowed when riding a motorbike?

Yes, hearing protection is generally permitted when riding a motorbike. After all, a motorcyclist with damaged hearing is not necessarily better than one with protective ear plugs in his ears when it comes to road safety. In addition, many motorbike helmets already attenuate noise to some extent, so they can also be considered rudimentary hearing protection in the broadest sense. A general ban would therefore make no sense. However, a distinction is made here between high and low frequencies: ambulance or police sirens and horns, for example, must remain clearly audible to the man at the handlebars. The earplugs must therefore allow such noises with higher frequencies to pass through, while lower frequencies may be attenuated more. The engine noise of a typical two-wheeler, i.e. the main source of noise in a biker's everyday life, can be clearly classified in the lower frequency range. By the way, the situation is different for the passenger: The passenger is allowed to take any type of noise protection on his bike as long as it does not impair the road safety and the riding ability of the rider. Of course, the passenger should have at least as much noise protection as the rider.

Which hearing protection is suitable for motorcyclists?

High demands are placed on hearing protection for motorcyclists. Not all hearing protection is suitable for motorcyclists. Earplugs with a special frequency filter for motorcyclists are the right choice here. In addition, the special earplugs for motorcyclists are characterised by a small design, which leaves enough space under the motorbike helmet. Custom-made hearing protection is also available for optimum wearing comfort. This is then produced especially for the wearer's ear canal.

How does hearing protection for motorcyclists work?

Thanks to their special filter, earplugs for motorcyclists meet the requirements for hearing protection. The moderate attenuation of the frequency filter means that warning sounds remain clearly audible. In addition, the feeling for the engine is retained. However, the hearing is effectively and permanently protected from wind and excessively loud engine noises thanks to the hearing protection.

Where can I buy hearing protection for motorcyclists?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of hearing protection solutions that are ideally suited for motorcyclists. Our range includes various high-quality earplugs from different manufacturers. Custom-made hearing protection for motorcyclists, which is particularly comfortable to wear, can also be ordered from our shop.

Leading manufacturers and brands for motorcyclists:

  • Crescendo
  • Otifleks
  • Loop
  • Pluggerz Road

How much does hearing protection for motorcyclists cost?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the hearing protection solution. For example, earplugs for motorcyclists are available in our online shop from around 15 euros.

Our tip: Individual hearing protection with the perfect fit is made to measure and therefore has a slightly higher price. We will be happy to advise you personally.

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