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The right hearing protection for my hobby

High noise levels can cause permanent damage to our hearing and lead to long-term health problems. But it is not only at work that we are often exposed to high noise levels. Various leisure activities and hobbies are also usually associated with loud noises. To protect our ears from hearing damage, suitable hearing protection is also necessary for these everyday activities.

For example, hearing protection is particularly important for shooting sports. Whether for hunting or for sport shooting, the right hearing protection can optimally dampen the loud shot and thus protect the ear from damage. In this case we recommend our capsule ear protection or earplugs with dynamic volume attenuation.

The right capsule ear protection is also advisable for racing. At the racetrack, very loud engine noises and associated noise pollution can occur. Motorcyclists in particular should also protect their ears from noise. Because even at relatively low speeds, the acoustic stress from motorcycling is extremely high.

When doing DIY at home or in the garden, however, hearing protection is often forgotten. Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers are often exposed to high noise levels when drilling or gardening with loud saws. Classic capsule ear protection is usually the best choice here.

Another popular hobby that requires the right hearing protection is music. Whether playing drums or bass, earplugs with good attenuation are essential for a musician's fine hearing. Also for music lovers who enjoy attending concerts or festivals, we offer hearing protection that allows you to enjoy music in full sound quality.

We also have a wide range of hearing protection variants for water sports. Whether swimming, diving or surfing, water in the ear is never pleasant and can even cause health problems. To avoid middle ear infections, divers and surfers, for example, should make sure to use the right hearing protection.

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