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Welcome to the FAQ section of Gehoerschutz-Versand. Here we have answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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Questions about the products

To find out, it is important to know for which application you need the hearing protection. Our hearing protection products are divided into different categories. For example, you will find specific hearing protection variants for your hobby or work area in the corresponding category.

There are so many different earplugs and hearing protection products because, firstly, there are many different applications and, secondly, because we work with numerous manufacturers. Our range therefore offers you a wide selection of products from all the leading brand manufacturers. Accordingly, both corporate customers from industry and private customers can easily find their ideal hearing protection in our shop. For musicians, for example, the sound fidelity is the decisive criterion and for hunters, on the other hand, the fast switch-off time and the amplification as well as the sealing of the electronic capsule.

Unfortunately, it is not physically possible to manufacture a product that makes you deaf, so to speak. However, we are able to achieve a very high level of sealing and attenuation with products such as the Hearos Xtreme Protection earplugs or the Peltor Optime 3 earmuffs. You can achieve the highest insulation effect by combining the Xtreme Protection earplugs with the Peltor Optime 3 or Peltor X5 earmuffs. You put the earplugs in the ear canal and then the earmuffs on top.

Questions about delivery and payment

The delivery time is always stated directly on the product page. If you pay in advance, the stated delivery time starts from the day the payment is received. If a product is not in stock or other reasons cause a longer delivery time, you will be informed by e-mail.

You can find more information about this under shipping information.

You can find out how to pay under Payment Options.

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