Passive earmuffs

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In general, ear muffs often offer better protection because they also cover the area around the ear. The ear is thus optimally protected from loud noise. Furthermore, capsule hearing protection ensures pleasant wearing comfort.

Passive earmuffs are also generally constructed without electronic components and are therefore lighter. Passive noise protection also effectively attenuates all sounds regardless of the noise level. The passive capsule hearing protection is therefore also ideally suited as children's hearing protection.

However, when noise levels fluctuate, the attenuation may be too high, making communication or environmental awareness in quieter and safer situations impossible with passive hearing protection. In these cases, active hearing protection with variable sound attenuation is more suitable.

In the case of capsule shells, care should also be taken to ensure that the padding is as thick and soft as possible. The thicker and softer, the better the enclosure. In the case of spectacle frames, for example, less noise penetrates through the sound bridge created between the frame, cushion and shield.

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