Hearing protection for children & babies

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Protect your child's hearing from loud ambient noise

Hearing protection for children

Babies' and small children's hearing is very sensitive. In the first few years after birth, when the hearing is still developing, it should be protected from noise and loud background noises. This can prevent permanent hearing damage.

Why should children and babies wear hearing protection?

To ensure that ears hear well throughout their lives, they should be properly protected from noise as early as possible. However, children themselves do not yet have the means to classify sounds as harmful or harmless. In addition, the child's ear is usually even more sensitive to loud noises than the adult's ear. Well-fitting hearing protection for children is therefore essential. For this purpose, we offer various products in our category "Hearing protection for children & babies", which are specially designed for children's heads or for the smaller ear canals.

What kind of hearing damage can be caused by noise in children and babies?

Due to the sensitive hearing of children, permanent noise situations can cause hearing loss in small children at an early age. If a hearing loss is not recognised in time, this can have a significant impact on the child's further hearing development. And the development of speech and language comprehension is also to a large extent related to a functioning hearing system. Hearing damage can therefore considerably impede and delay the child's overall development. If hearing loss is suspected, you should therefore consult an ENT specialist immediately. Other hearing problems, such as eardrum injuries or tinnitus, can also be caused in small children due to high noise levels. You should therefore protect your child's ears from loud environmental noise at an early age.

When should babies and children start wearing hearing protection?

A noise level of 80 decibels can be harmful to babies and children if they are exposed to it for more than eight hours. This is comparable to the noise of a busy road, for example. Each 3 decibel increase in noise reduces by half the time you can stay in it without hearing damage. So at a noise level of 83 decibels, you can only be exposed for four hours without suffering any possible hearing problems. Noise above 110 decibels is so loud that it can cause immediate hearing damage. So you should always protect your child's hearing, especially in the noise of fireworks, for example, which can rise to 150 decibels. However, babies and small children should also wear hearing protection when they are at concerts, loud parties, when renovating the house or at major sporting events.

Hearing protection for babies

Babies in particular have very sensitive hearing that is only just developing. Many loud sounds can therefore quickly over-stimulate them. In this case, hearing protection can be very pleasant for the little ones and calm them down. To protect the sensitive hearing of the very youngest from loud noise early enough, it is therefore all the more important to choose suitable ear protection for babies too. We offer MiniMuffs - hearing protection for newborns in our shop, for example.

The hearing protection for babies is suitable from 0 to 4 weeks.

Hearing protection for children

Also for children from the age of 1 year we have different types of hearing protection suitable for children. Whether capsule ear protection or earplugs for children, we have a wide range of ear protection for the small ear canals of a child. Thus, the child's ear is optimally protected against all kinds of noise pollution. Hearing protection can also be a good solution for school children with poor concentration so that they are not distracted by disturbing noise sources. This can considerably improve the child's concentration and thus often also the learning success.

Hearing protection for children aged 1 year and older should be worn in noisy environments.

What kind of hearing protection is suitable for children and babies when they go swimming?

If water gets into the ear while swimming or showering, it is often not only unpleasant but can also lead to inflammation and pain over time. This can even cause permanent hearing loss. Children are particularly affected by this. That is why you will also find children's earplugs in our online shop, which are especially suitable for wearing in water. For example, Otifleks My first Earplugs can be worn in the water under supervision by babies from 0 years of age.

Which hearing protection is suitable for children and babies when flying?

Earplugs also help against pressure in the ear when flying. In aeroplanes, the pressure on the ears during take-off and landing is often very painful for children. As a rule, they are not yet able to actively equalise pressure. However, with the right earplugs for children, the pressure is damped before it reaches the small eardrum. Children should also be awake during the take-off and landing phase and suck on a dummy or drink something. Then the pressure equalisation works better. Here we recommend Sanohra Fly earplugs for children between 2 and 14 years of age.

How does hearing protection for children and babies work?

Various types of hearing protection are suitable for children and babies. Capsule ear protection, such as our KiddyPlugs, are particularly suitable for small children from 2 years of age. Thanks to the headband, the hearing protection offers a firm and comfortable fit. The passive capsule ear protection also effectively dampens all noise, regardless of the noise level. Capsules with an elastic headband are suitable for small children aged 0 - 2 years. Furthermore, we offer various earplugs for babies and toddlers. For example, there are natural earplugs for children made of honey, olive oil and cotton for kneading, which can be flexibly adapted to the shape of the child's ear. MiniMuffs for newborns offer a similar function, but can be easily attached to the child's ear. They are therefore especially recommended for babies from 0 to 4 weeks.

Where can I buy hearing protection for children and babies?

We offer hearing protection products for all ages from various manufacturers and brands. Our wide range includes different types of hearing protection for babies and children.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for children and babies:

  • KiddyPlugs
  • MiniMuffs
  • 3M Peltor Kid
  • Sanohra
  • Otifleks

How much does hearing protection for children and babies cost?

The cost of child and baby hearing protection can vary depending on the type of hearing protection and the manufacturer. Usually, earplugs for children are slightly cheaper and are available in our shop from around 10 euros. In contrast, capsule ear protection especially for children starts at about 17 euros. Due to the adjustable headband, however, this hearing protection can be flexibly adjusted and can therefore also be worn by children up to 14 years of age.

Our tip: If your child is often exposed to loud environments or water, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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