Hearing protection for flying & travelling

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Protect your hearing in the aircraft

Hearing protection for flying & travelling

Do you fear the earache you get when you land? Usually there is a crack and pull in the ear and you seem to be deaf. Not infrequently, the pressure on your ears turns into a stabbing pain that lasts long after landing and puts you in a holiday mood. The cause of the ear pain is the sharp increase in pressure in a short time during the landing approach.

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Why is it important to wear when flying and travelling?

Whether you are on holiday, meeting customers at home or abroad, or visiting family members, at least occasional air travel is part and parcel of many people's private or professional lives. However, the unpleasant feeling in the ear when taking off and landing is often felt less pleasant than travelling. Almost every traveller who has ever used a plane and the services of a major airline without earplugs knows this. The typical background noise in the passenger cabin also causes some travellers discomfort. With the right hearing protection for flying, time spent in the aircraft will not be a torment to your ears either.

What hearing damage can be caused by noise when travelling or flying?

Children in particular are often particularly affected by the pressure equalisation when flying. This causes an unpleasant to painful feeling in the ear, which is usually caused mainly by the change in air pressure at the eardrum. This is not an unknown phenomenon even among experts: The German Pharmacist's Journal, for example, reports that children in particular are affected by so-called barotraumas when flying. No wonder, really: the human body is not evolutionarily designed for flying. Only modern technology has made it possible for the human body to travel routinely at 12 kilometres altitude. Especially the rapid gain and loss of altitude is biologically rather untypical. That is why hearing protection should be used when travelling by air, especially if there is frequent pain in the ear. Appropriately designed children's earplugs significantly reduce the perceived stress on the eardrum and thus often eliminate the main cause of the complaints. The children travel more stress-free, which also benefits the parents. Especially in the case of serious medical problems or in case of doubt, you should always consult your ENT or family doctor.

Which hearing protection is suitable for flying and travelling?

With the right hearing protection, you can easily prevent the severe earaches you get when flying. When you buy it, make sure you choose earplugs with high-precision pressure equalisation valves. With these your ear will have more time to adjust to changing air pressure. This will help you prevent severe earaches on the plane and will allow you to go on holiday relaxed. In our shop you will also find aircraft earplugs especially for children.

How does hearing protection work when flying and travelling?

Modern earplugs for flying usually have two main functions: On the one hand they dampen the unpleasant pressure equalisation during ascent and later leaving the cruising altitude, but on the other hand they also reduce travel noise. The acoustic protection is usually achieved by passive acoustic damping and suitable materials. In most cases, the application is very simple: simply insert the earplugs into the ear canal shortly before take-off. With many products, suitably selected acoustic filters ensure that only the operating and flight noises typical of aircraft are strongly attenuated, while the ear remains receptive to human speech. By improving the signal-to-noise ratio, background noise can even have the effect of making speech easier to understand with hearing protection in place. This behaviour is also actively sought by some manufacturers. This means that the wearer can easily continue to talk to the person next to him or her on the trip or hear the flight crew's announcements. How well this combination solution works depends, among other things, on the technical principle behind it. For example, some products use a specially selected membrane or a corresponding ceramic filter.

Where can I buy hearing protection for flying and travelling?

You can find hearing protection products for flying and travelling from various manufacturers and brands. Our wide range includes different hearing protection solutions for children and adults.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for flying and travelling:

  • Crescendo
  • Otifleks
  • Sanohra
  • Loop

How much do hearing protectors for flying and travelling cost?

The cost of hearing protection for flying can vary depending on the type of hearing protection and manufacturer. Aircraft earplugs for children are usually a little cheaper and are available in our shop from around 10 euros.

Our tip: If you regularly travel by plane, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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