Hearing protection for industry and trade

For safe working

Hearing protection for industry and trade

For safe working


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Hearing protection - everyone's business

Hearing protection concerns everyone: It is not only the musician who needs protection at his concerts to shield the sensitive ears. Also hunters, shooters or policemen are optimally equipped with the products of our manufacturers in leisure time, hobby or in the occupation as for example in the industry. A gunshot or bang or prolonged exposure to noise and excessively loud sounds can cause damage to hearing that, in case of doubt, cannot be reversed. Everyone, young and old, is exposed to sounds and noise. Protect yourself. For your health - with the appropriate hearing protection and earplugs and other products this is no problem.

Are you a sports shooter? A hunter? Do you work in industry or do you have to block out what's going on in the background in your home office so you can stay focused? You see, hearing concerns us all - even in our free time at the concert of our favorite band or the street festival with fireworks where the baby and toddler are supposed to be present, or when going to the stadium for soccer. Your partner is snoring, the traffic is getting louder and louder, you can't find any peace. These are not unusual situations or life circumstances. Quite normal, in fact - and yet we long for peace and quiet. Earplugs or individual hearing protection can help, even from childhood: Talk to us. So that you can continue to hear well for a long time - even what may not be intended for you.

Hearing - that is our world. We offer a wide range of products around the topic of hearing protection, earplugs, cleaning, care and accessories in our online store Gehö for private customers and corporate customers alike. Also Hearing protection for children is an important concern for us.

We have selected well-known manufacturers for you, whose products you can easily discover and order online. Gehö works together with the following manufacturers:

✔ 3M, Aearo, EAR, Earbags, Mack's, Mepablu, Moldex, Ohropax, Otifleks, Peltor, Proears, Ultimate Ears, Surefire, Silenta, among others.

✔ Em's for Kids, KiddyPlugs, Ear Classic 2, Ohropax Classic, Otifleks Goodsleep, Otifleks Ladybuds, Earbags, EarPro EP4, Peltor SportTac and Peltor Kid.

In addition to our hearing protection / earplugs, you'll find earbags (ear warmers), volume-limiting headphones, in-ear monitoring and even hearing protection with radio.

To prevent hearing damage such as tinnitus and hearing loss, hearing protection should definitely be worn in noise situations. We at Gehörschutz-Versand are reliably at your side as a supplier and as a professionally qualified advisor. Gehörschutz-Versand is characterized by an extensive selection of high-quality earplugs and hearing protectors. We deliver quickly and reliably: To protect the environment, we have now established an almost CO2-neutral shipping route.

We offer not only classic products such as capsule hearing protection or earplugs made of foam but also, for example, hearing protection for dogs, earplugs with logo printing, special earplugs for motorcyclists (Otifleks - Biker) and quite classically the ear protection against cold and wind, our Earbags, and lots of accessories.

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