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Earplugs close the auditory canal and protect the hearing from too loud sound (noise) or are used to attenuate disturbing background noise.

Further information on why hearing protection should or even has to be worn at all and how the ear is constructed can be found in our information section.

People are at risk of hearing damage if the noise exceeds 85 decibels. Therefore, for example, the EC Noise Directive makes it compulsory to wear hearing protection in the workplace if the noise level exceeds 80 decibels, for example if you are exposed all day to the noise of industrial machinery or construction noise.

If you go to concerts, you should also always take a pack of earplugs with you so that you can listen to and enjoy the music without disturbing your ears. Other uses include hunting or sport shooting, earplugs for a peaceful sleep, earplugs for musicians, etc. An important value in this context is the insulation value (SNR value). This indicates by how much noise is reduced by earplugs and describes the difference between the volume in front of the ear and behind the hearing protection.

Be optimally protected with earplugs even at the workplace

How do I find the right earplug? Let's assume that the noise level at the workplace is 90 decibels. To determine the SNR value that the ear protection must have at least, proceed as follows:

90 dB (noise exposure) - 80 dB (noise protection limit) = 10 dB (minimum SNR value)

So, in this example, the appropriate earplug must have an SNR value of at least 10 dB.

You can get effective hearing protection, either in the form of earplugs or capsule hearing protection (ear muffs), from our shop Gehörschutz Versand at low prices. To easily browse our store, the hearing protection is sorted by application area and by shape. Click through our extensive range and find the right protection for your ears.

You will find earplugs from: Ohropax/Oropax, Moldex, Crescendo, Honeywell, Bilsom, 3M, EAR, Otifleks and other well-known brands.

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