Hearing protection for New Year's Eve

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Protect your hearing on New Year's Eve

Protect your hearing on New Year's Eve

At the end of the year, there is banging and shooting again. After all, fireworks are part and parcel of New Year's Eve. Without hearing protection, however, a loud bang often leads to permanent damage to your hearing. Hence our recommendation for a carefree New Year: protect your hearing and that of your family members.

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Why is it important to wear hearing protection on New Year's Eve?

Commercially available fireworks can reach 150 decibels and more. Considering that the pain threshold is 120 decibels, the noise exposure is enormous and often results in irreparable hearing damage. A blast trauma, for example, is already possible from 135 decibels. Sensitive ears, such as those of children, should therefore always be protected on New Year's Eve. Dogs also have particularly sensitive and fine hearing, which should be optimally protected by suitable capsule ear protection for dogs.

What kind of hearing damage can be caused by loud fireworks?

The high noise exposure caused by fireworks can also lead to blast trauma, sudden deafness, or tinnitus in adults. However, it is not only the noise that is responsible for the damage, but above all the pressure caused by the explosion. This pressure can - among other injuries - irreversibly damage the fine cilia in the inner ear. This can be particularly dangerous for children, as their auditory canal is still developing, and they are not yet able to assess the danger of a loud bang.

Which hearing protection is suitable for New Year's Eve?

For adults, there are different types of earplugs available to protect your ears perfectly from the loud fireworks on New Year's Eve. They are also available in different shapes and colours. From inconspicuous, simple to fashionable earplugs in an unusual design, everything is available. Earplugs with a special filter also only attenuate the high, dangerous frequencies. So speech can still be understood. So you can talk without any problems even with earplugs and at the same time you are protected from the loud bang.

Hearing protection for children

Hear protection for children is particularly advisable on New Year's Eve. Children and babies have very sensitive hearing, which is still developing. Therefore, we also offer special hearing protection for children's ears in our shop. Capsule ear protection is a good solution even for the very youngest. Capsules with an elastic headband, for example, are already suitable for children aged 0-2 years.

Hearing protection for dogs

Dogs also have very fine hearing. So, it's no wonder that dogs react in a panic, especially on the days around New Year's Eve, when suddenly there's another fire, bang and hiss. With the right hearing protection for dogs, however, you can give your dog a sense of security and take away the fear. You will find Mutt Muffs hearing protection in our shop, which can be individually adapted to the shape of your dog's head.

How does hearing protection work on New Year's Eve?

Earplugs for New Year's Eve, which optimally dampen loud fireworks and still make speech audible, are usually equipped with a special filter. Crescendo Fireworks, for example, uses a patented impulse filter technology, certified up to 166 dB IPIL (impulse peak insertion loss), which ensures that the sound pressure level of fireworks is reduced to a safe level. The Crescendo Fireworks filter technology also allows for ventilation of the ear canal and can therefore be worn throughout the evening without any problems.

Where can I buy hearing protection for New Year's Eve?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of hearing protection solutions that are perfect for New Year's Eve. Our range includes various high-quality earplugs from different manufacturers. You can also order capsule ear protection for children in our shop.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for New Year's Eve:

  • Crescendo
  • MuttMuffs
  • Otifleks
  • Em's for Kids
  • 3M Peltor
  • Loop
  • KiddyPlugs

How much do New Year's Eve hearing protection cost?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the hearing protection solution. Earplugs especially for New Year's Eve are available in our online shop from about 15 euros.

Our tip: For perfect wearing comfort, we recommend individually made hearing protection.

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