Custom made hearing protection

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Customized hearing protection for maximum wearing comfort

Customized or individual hearing protection (also known as earmoulds) are hearing protection products that are precisely adapted to the wearer by means of an impression of the outer ear and the auditory canal.

What are the advantages of individual hearing protection?

Optimum wearing comfort
Exact determination of the acoustic insulation by means of selective filter
Ventilation of the auditory canal (no occlusion effect)
No overprotection (good speech intelligibility in noise)

What are the applications for customized hearing protection?

Military / Police
Sports Shooters

How do I get customized hearing protection?

For private customers
We need a pair of good, bubble-free ear impressions from you. Imprints can be made by any hearing aid acoustician, for example. Our prices are only valid for a production with sent in ear impressions.

For business customers
Please contact us directly and we will send you a non-binding offer.

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