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Hearing protection at home

In everyday life we come into contact with various sources of noise. When we are exposed to loud noise, our sensitive hearing can be damaged. This leads to health problems and can cause permanent hearing damage. However, it is not only obvious noise pollution, such as aircraft noise, a loud concert or high noise levels at work, that negatively affects our hearing. At home or when working in the garden, too, permanent high noise levels can damage our ears and also lead to increased stress. A good night's sleep at home is particularly important for undisturbed and restful sleep. A snoring partner or a busy road can not only cause stress but also have a long-term negative effect on our hearing. So make sure you have suitable hearing protection at home, for example when sleeping.

Hearing protection for children

Especially the ears of the smallest children are very sensitive to noise. In this case, even a busy road with a noise level of 80 decibels can be harmful to the little ears. To help your baby sleep through the night in peace , you should make sure that your child is wearing suitable hearing protection. In our shop we already offer the best hearing protection for newborns. Hearing protection could also be the perfect solution for children who cannot concentrate properly when learning or doing homework and who are very quickly distracted by noise.

Hearing protection for dogs

Furthermore, hearing protection is also useful for our four-legged friends at home in many cases. Dogs have very sensitive hearing. At parties with very loud music or events such as New Year's Eve, they often react in panic. If the noise level is very high, their sensitive ears can even be damaged. We have the right hearing protection for dogs.

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