Hearing protection for sleeping (night rest)

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Hearing protection for a comfortable sleep

Hearing protection for a comfortable sleep at night

People react to sleep deprivation with reduced concentration and reduced mental performance. To sleep better and healthier, we recommend using suitable earplugs for sleeping, especially in noisy environments.

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Why is hearing protection useful for sleeping?

If you live near a train station, a busy road or an airport, you know the problem: even late at night, it is often not quiet enough to get a good night's sleep. Again and again you are woken up or even kept awake continuously. The consequences of lack of sleep should not be underestimated. It can lead to lack of concentration, forgetfulness, irritability or even a weakened immune system. Sufficient sleep is therefore essential for our health. The right hearing protection for sleeping helps us sleep well in noisy environments and wake up more rested. In addition, your partner can sometimes make it difficult for tired people to fall asleep. For example, earplugs to prevent snoring can significantly improve the duration and quality of nightly rest. So you start the day fitter and with more energy.

Who should use earplugs for sleeping?

People who work in shifts often go to bed at times when there is already a lot of activity around the bedroom. Birds, construction workers and road traffic are just some of the everyday sources of noise that nurses and geriatric nurses on late shift regularly have to deal with. Musicians and other noise-sensitive people, on the other hand, can prevent even normal night-time noises such as the soft whisper of the wind or the summer chirping of crickets from falling asleep. This is where hearing protection for the night helps to reduce this background noise to a tolerable level. Other uses include sleeping in an aeroplane, coach or car. In such travel situations, traffic and engine noise often prevents you from getting the much-needed night's rest. One of the most common disturbances to healthy sleep is the snoring of the spouse or partner. Especially those who are not affected by it themselves often underestimate the volume of noise and the gruelling effect of the resulting lack of sleep. The possible consequences include oppressive tiredness during the day and reduced performance.

Which hearing protection is suitable for sleeping?

Earplugs are particularly suitable for sleeping, as they are particularly comfortable to wear. Once you have found the right size for you, you will hardly notice them when you sleep and you can easily fall asleep beside your snoring partner. Custom-made sleep earplugs are of course suitable for optimal insulation. These are individually adapted to your needs. The earmoulds are also made of particularly soft material, making them perfect for side sleepers.

How do sleep earplugs work?

Sleep earplugs can already dampen loud noises very well and thus ensure a quiet night. However, earplugs for sleeping also have their acoustic limits: In very loud environments, they cannot always attenuate sound pressure sufficiently. A complete fading out of the outside world is therefore only possible up to a certain degree. This is because the earplug only attenuates the part of the sound that reaches the ear canal directly through the air. However, a smaller proportion is transported via the skull bones into the inside of the ear and thus finds its way past the earplug inserted into the ear. Custom-made earmoulds often perform much better in this respect than all-round solutions. For the custom-made sleep earplugs, an exact impression of your ear is made, a so-called earmould. This means that the individual earplugs seal the ear canal perfectly and can therefore achieve a higher degree of attenuation.

Where can I buy hearing protection for sleeping?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of hearing protection solutions that ensure a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. Our range includes various high-quality sleep earplugs from different manufacturers.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for sleeping:

  • Otifleks
  • Ohropax
  • Moldex
  • Crescendo

How much does hearing protection cost for sleeping?

The cost of sleep hearing protection can vary greatly depending on the type of hearing protection. For example, you can find simple earplugs from us for as little as approx. 5 euros. Special sleep earplugs cost around 10-16 euros.

Our tip: If you are regularly exposed to loud environments while sleeping, we recommend custom-made hearing protection for best wearing comfort.

Three tips for a restful sleep with ear protection

Hearing protection for the night - The right choice. From wax balls, to earplugs, to custom-made sleep protection. Many people test several versions of hearing protection to find the best option for sleeping.

Wearing hearing protection at night - rituals make it easier to fall asleep. Wearing hearing protection for a restful sleep is a matter of getting used to it. It is advisable to integrate the use of hearing protection for the night into evening rituals such as brushing your teeth. The same procedures give routine. Set the alarm clock, put in earplugs, read a little more, turn off the light.

Earplugs for the night - store in the same place. The toothbrush is waiting in the toothbrush cup, the night cream on the bedside table and what about ear protection? We recommend a box for storage near the bed so that the hearing protection is always close at hand.

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