Electronic drying stations

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Electronic drying stations for optimal care, drying and disinfection of your hearing aids

When wearing a hearing aid, moisture can naturally arise inside the ear. It is therefore very important to dry your hearing aids completely after wearing them and also after cleaning them. Our electronic drying devices or drying stations can help you do this and thus ensure a long life for your hearing aids.

Our drying systems with ventilation drying and UV-C radiation disinfection care for and clean your hearing aids particularly effectively. The ultraviolet light also effectively eliminates bacteria and mould. The disinfection therefore also considerably reduces irritation and infection of the auditory canals.

With the right products and regular care and cleaning, you can easily extend the life of your hearing aids and protect yourself against infections at the same time.

We have electronic drying stations for drying and caring for all types of hearing aids, such as RIC earpieces, Tinitus masks, cochlear hardware, In-Ear earpieces, ear moulds and hearing protection.

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