Hearing protection for schools, teachers & educators

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Protect your hearing at school and kindergarten

Hearing protection for schools, teachers and educators

Especially when concentrating on demanding activities, the right hearing protection can make an important difference. It also prevents the stress that inevitably comes with long-term acoustic exposure. Protect your ears and reduce ambient noise.

Why should teachers and educators wear hearing protection?

Especially when several children are playing together, romping around or having the usual harmless arguments, it can get louder, especially in primary school or kindergarten. While this usually happens within a tolerable range at home, the large number of children at school and kindergarten can become a noise problem. Here, noise levels are sometimes reached which are comparable to those of normal operation on a construction site. This applies in particular to medium-sized to large groups of children. Good hearing protection therefore not only protects the nerves of teachers and educators, but also their ears. Although these occupational groups are usually not among those who are exposed to acute noise in the public image, practice usually looks different. You can find out more about the noise conditions prevailing in many kindergartens, for example, here at

What health problems can be caused by noise at school or kindergarten?

Kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers in particular are often exposed to considerable noise levels for long periods of time in their daily work. However, teachers at secondary schools are also forced to deal with the topic in their everyday work. This can also lead to hearing damage, especially in the case of long-term exposure, which can often be prevented by suitable hearing protection. Another clear advantage is the often better concentration with hearing protection and earplugs. Good hearing protection for educators and teachers is therefore indispensable for these occupational groups. In addition, the stress that inevitably occurs with long-term acoustic stress is avoided. Earplugs thus make it much easier for teachers to exercise their profession, which is also intellectually challenging, because the peace and quiet they gain makes it easier to concentrate on the subject matter to be taught as well as content aspects. Also in direct contact with the students, one can often think more calmly and demonstrate one's social and pedagogical competence in practice. Ultimately, the children also benefit indirectly from hearing protection for teachers and educators.

Which hearing protection is suitable for teachers and educators?

It is important for the practice in kindergarten and school that good hearing protection reduces the noise level, but still allows for normal verbal communication with pupils, colleagues or superiors in most everyday situations. This good speech understanding is achieved with some products, for example, by a special frequency filter that specifically attenuates the particularly relevant higher frequency ranges. Skin-coloured foam hearing protection in particular is often not even noticed by children, parents and/or employees and ideally also offers very pleasant wearing comfort.

How does hearing protection work for teachers and educators?

Earplugs with special frequency filters can specifically attenuate the particularly relevant higher frequency ranges. Unfortunately, these are particularly harmful to the ear, but also occur more frequently in children's voices. With the right hearing protection with a frequency filter, you can nevertheless protect your ears and at the same time maintain speech understanding, as these high frequencies are amplified especially when screaming and are therefore not usually necessary for good speech understanding. Thus, despite the earplugs, you can usually react to the pupils' questions without any problems and understand the children's answers without difficulty. Concerns about speech comprehension are therefore usually unfounded if the product is chosen carefully.

Where can I buy hearing protection for teachers and educators?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of hearing protection solutions that ensure a relaxed working day at school or kindergarten. Our range includes various high-quality earplugs for teachers and educators from different manufacturers. Custom-made hearing protection, which offers particularly high wearing comfort, can also be ordered from our shop.

Leading manufacturers and brands of hearing protection for teachers and educators:

  • ePRO-ER
  • Crescendo
  • Ohropax
  • Otifleks
  • Loop

How much does hearing protection for teachers and educators cost?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the type of hearing protection. You can find simple earplugs from us for as little as approx. 5 euros. Special earplugs with frequency filters, on the other hand, cost around 15-20 euros.

Our tip: If you are frequently exposed to loud environments at school or kindergarten, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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