Hearing protection for musicians & music lovers

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Protect your hearing from loud music at concerts or festivals

Hearing protection for musicians and music lovers

Concerts or festivals can produce sound levels of over 100 decibels. Volumes that can be harmful to your hearing. Earplugs protect your ears. By the way: most earplugs hardly or not at all dampen the bass. So the party fun is maintained, thanks to ear protection.

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Why is it important for musicians to wear hearing protection?

Especially since musicians, DJs, drummers, singers or keyboarders need fine hearing for their work, it is important to protect it with the right hearing protection. In the past, musicians often did not pay attention to their hearing. This is how hearing loss became an occupational disease. Fortunately, this is different today. Earplugs, which only dampen and do not distort the sound, are faithful companions of musicians. But not only on stage, but also on the dance floor, earplugs offer protection and at the same time an optimal sound experience.

What kind of hearing damage can be caused by loud music?

The music in discotheques and at concerts is often so loud that you can permanently damage your hearing after just 10 minutes. The "ringing" in your ears when you leave the club is then practically the alarm bell. It usually disappears again after a short time. However, permanent hearing damage can also occur. The buzzing in your ears then accompanies you almost constantly. Loud music can also cause irreparable injuries to the drum field. Therefore, it is important not only as a musician, but also as a concert or festival visitor, to make sure that you have suitable hearing protection.

Which hearing protection is suitable for musicians and music lovers?

For singers, drummers or even DJ's, there are different types of earplugs that have been specially developed for musicians. These are also ideal for concert or club visitors. The earplugs are equipped with a special filter, which makes it possible to continue to enjoy the full sound experience. In addition, they offer a pleasant wearing comfort and are not visually conspicuous. If you like something a little more special, you can also choose earplugs in a modern design. The Loop earplugs, for example, stand out due to their stylish look and become an eye-catcher at the festival.

How does hearing protection for musicians work?

In general, earplugs for musicians and music lovers are equipped with a special acoustic filter. Thanks to the filter, only the dangerous frequencies are optimally attenuated and the sound and music experience is completely preserved. This means that you can still hold conversations as usual, despite wearing hearing protection.

Where can I buy hearing protection for musicians?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of hearing protection solutions that are ideal for musicians and music lovers. Our range includes various high-quality earplugs from different manufacturers. Custom-made hearing protection for musicians, which offers particularly high wearing comfort, can also be ordered from our shop.

Leading manufacturers and brands for musicians:

  • Loop
  • Otifleks
  • Crescendo

How much does hearing protection for musicians cost?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the hearing protection solution. Earplugs especially for musicians and concert-goers are available in our online shop from about 9 euro.

Our tip: If you regularly attend concerts or festivals, we recommend custom-made hearing protection.

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