Crescendo Sleep earplugs, earplugs for sleeping, reusable, 1 pair, SNR 24 dB

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  • Comfort - Crescendo filters allow air into the ear, reducing irritation and heat sensation
  • Natural - Preserves realistic spatial sensation
  • Expandable - The filters in the Crescendo hearing protector are replaceable and expandable
  • Durable - Reusable hearing protection, earplugs and filters completely washable
  • Environmentally friendly - Earplugs are made from 100% organic materials

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Crescendo Sleep reusable hearing protection

Crescendo Sleep is a reusable, washable earplug with a universal fit that helps you spend your nights resting and relaxing. Crescendo Sleep includes earplugs in two different sizes, a storage capsule and a pair of washable filters.

On average, a snoring person reaches sound levels of 50- 60 dB. In extreme cases, even 90dB can be reached. This corresponds to the volume level of a car horn! Crescendo Sleep reduces the sound level by CE-certified 24 dB, which minimises or even completely suppresses noise to a comfortable level.
Crescendo Sleep allows air to pass directly to the ear, which offers several advantages over conventional hearing protectors:

  • Prevents the warm, irritating feeling in the ear.
  • Reduces the feeling of hearing one's own heartbeat. Normally, this sensation is caused by restricted blood circulation in the ear and is especially noticeable when lying on your side.

    It only takes a short period of getting used to until the unfamiliar silence caused by the use of hearing protection at night no longer seems strange. After that, though, you'll wonder why you didn't use it sooner.

    Specific product features
  • Reduces the noise level of a snoring partner
  • Loud hotels - reduces noise from lifts, kitchen noise, noise from revellers, etc.
  • Street noise - reduces noise from cars, rubbish collection, etc.
  • Enables relaxed and restful sleep

    Crescendo facts
  • Natural - Preserves realistic sense of space
  • Well-being - High noise levels have a fatiguing effect, Crescendo reduces noise
  • Comfort - Direct air passage to the ear, thus minimal irritation and reduced heat sensation
  • Environmentally friendly - earpieces consist of 100% organic materials with their combustion only carbon dioxide and water arise
  • Expandable - Crescendo hearing protection filters are interchangeable and can be used with custom-fitted earmoulds from Dynamic Ear Company
  • Safety Standards - Hearing protection certified to CE and ANSI standards
  • Durable - Reusable hearing protection, earmoulds and filters completely washable

    Scope of product
  • 2 universal ear moulds (large)
  • 2 universal ear moulds (medium)
  • 2 acoustic filters "25dB"
  • Aluminium storage capsule
  • Instruction manual EN, FR, DE, IT, and ES

    Crescendo Sleep

    Certification data
    Certification Sleep

  • Attenuation (SNR): 24 dB

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